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An image of a cone beam CT scanning system now gives us the ability to diagnose and treatment plan our cases  more accurately.  These scans use cone beam CT technology providing accurate and clear digital images while minimizing your exposure to radiation.  This technology enables us to choose our field of view, get an accurate three dimensional view of anatomical structures and tailor our treatment plans to your specific treatment needs.  It also gives us the ability to explain the technical details of your case as well as the challenges that we might encounter during treatment, enabling you the ability to make informed decisions about your care.  In our experience this has contributed significantly to positive treatment experiences and superior treatment outcomes.
 We also can use this technology to share information with other doctors who might be involved in your care quickly and easily, thereby seamlessly integrating and executing all your treatment needs.  We  especially recommend 3D scans while treatment planning implants, certain tooth impactions and also more complicated surgical procedures.
Dental Implants in Robbinsville New Jersey
Oral surgery in Robbinsville New Jersey
Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Robbinsville New Jersey
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